Iwill Slocket II Review

It’s unfortunate to see, but it happens–otherwise excellent products slowed in their tracks by poor support and backing. Such is the case with Intel’s Pentium III 500E and 550E MHz processors. They’re quite excellent processors, fast, extremely overclockable and inexpensive. Sadly, over the past few weeks, most potential buyers have been forced to overlook these … Read more

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

EAX and 3D Sound With the increasingly popularity of 3D sound support in games and Microsoft’s inclusion of DirectSound 3D in DirectX, Creative Labs decided to develop their own 3D sound API, EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions). Essentially, sound environments are created with the use of sound sources and effects that are processed in real-time using … Read more

CPU Overclocking

Overclocking is going mainstream, it seems, among end users. Almost all hardware Web sites discuss the subject, and most make it seem like it’s easy, and that everyone does it. Of course, manufacturers don’t want you to do it to their processors, so you probably won’t find it mentioned in magazines. But, on the Internet, … Read more

Build Your Own PC

In the first part of this mammoth tutorial, you will buy the parts for and begin to construct your own PC. It is increasingly popular to build your own computer. In most cases, it saves money, and it guarantees you get what you want. It also assures you avoid proprietary designs many companies use to … Read more

How To Build The Perfect PC

The first thing to consider when building the perfect PC is what is the PC going to be used for. A gaming machine will be configured differently from a content creation workstation, and an Internet browser will differ from a CAD station. With what you want to do with the machine in mind, most core … Read more

ABIT ZM6 Review

Last year, ABIT broke into the motherboard market in a big way. Realizing the potential of the overclocking, ABIT capitalized with their highly successful BH6 motherboard that is extremely stable (even when overclocked), and incorporated their Softmenu BIOS, which nullified the need for on-board jumpers. For overclockers, the BH6 was a dream come true. After … Read more

Matrox Marvel G400-TV, The Swiss Army Knife

The Matrox Marvel G400-TV is much more than an all-purpose videocard. Looking over Marvel’s features and specifications, hardly a thing comes to mind this videocard doesn’t have or could be missing. Beyond the well known performance of the Matrox G400 graphics engine, the Marvel G400-TV responds to the needs of both PC enthusiasts and video … Read more