Best VPNs for Accessing Netflix and TV Subscription Services

Users in more than 200 countries have access to Netflix, a subscription service that put the concept of a global TV and movie network firmly on the map. Netflix provides legal access to media streaming and video-on-demand content online, with the additional option of receiving DVD content by mail in the US for a small monthly fee. The service allows users to stream directly to a smart TV, a console, a handheld device or a digital media player. Netflix has three monthly packages – the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan.

Amazon, Hulu Plus and Vudu compete against Netflix for business from the 53% of US households that currently use a streaming service, plus the many other subscribers throughout the world. Netflix enjoys a 75% market share in the US alone.

Users in some countries, particularly China, have yet to experience the Netflix revolution in full but have previously accessed TV and movie content by using a VPN. Netflix took steps to block unauthorised access to its services during 2016 because of licencing issues, and some VPNs no longer work in China or other un-permitted countries such as North Korea and Syria.

Thankfully, some VPN service providers managed to avoid these steps and still offer users an ongoing opportunity to watch the latest shows on Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon, as well as free content from YouTube, Vimeo and similar free streaming services.

Here, we look at the best VPNs for accessing the latest in digital media.

Best VPNs for Netflix

1. Private VPN (https://privatevpn.com)

Private VPN, a Swedish VPN with host servers in over 50 countries, has worked harder than most to unblock the Netflix catalogue. What sets Private VPN apart from its competitors are the exceptional connection speeds that allow for a full HD streaming experience, and the ability to use the service through 6 simultaneous connections at any one time.

As if that wasn’t enough, Private VPN comes with professionally integrated security features that let the user watch Netflix safely. Encryption meets military standards but the service itself works on all streaming platforms and is easy to use – even for a complete novice. This VPN has an affordable price and the reassurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The only downside to Private VPN is that the DNS requires manual configuration, but this is a relatively straightforward task and the company provides a handy user guide.

Key benefits include:

• Exceptional value for money for a complete service
• Supports Netflix in 16 different regions
• Host servers in more than 50 countries
• Super-fast speeds for seamless HD streaming
• First-class customer support and user guides

2. Express VPN (https://expressvpn.com)

Regarded by many as the perfect VPN service for Netflix, Express VPN has host servers in 94 different countries including the United States. The connection speeds on Express VPN reach lightning-fast levels and give users the chance to watch streamed HD content without interruption. As you would expect, the software comes with the latest security features.

Express VPN haven’t gone as far as to provide personal IP addresses, but it does have IP addresses solely for watching Netflix which work consistently and flawlessly.

Once again, this VPN has the highest levels of encryption and grants access to Netflix from non-permitted countries without any risk of detection. If you run Netflix in a permitted country but wish to use the services overseas, Express VPN keeps you safe on public Wi-Fi. It even sells routers on the website for those who can’t run the software independently.

Express VPN works on all iOS and android platforms across 3 devices at any one time and, like Private VPN, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Because Express VPN doesn’t record usage logs, it provides ongoing reliability for all of your streaming needs. This VPN is a little more costly, but is worth every extra penny for the superb standard of service.

Key benefits include:

• Unblocks US and American Samoan Netflix
• Ultrafast connection for HD quality streaming
• Dedicated IP addresses solely for Netflix
• Live chat and support on a 24/7 basis
• Advanced security features for safer streaming

3. VyprVPN (https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn)

Exceptional security features and strong encryption make for a private streaming experience with super-fast connection speeds – perfect for watching Netflix with a glorious high-definition picture. VyprVPN has host servers in more than 70 different countries including the United States, many of which permit the use of Netflix and adhere to their licenses.

The VPN software itself is incredibly easy to use over the main platforms, making Netflix instantly accessible on iOS and Android devices. Although the customer care at VyprVPN is very good, there is no live 24/7 chat facility. On the plus side, new users enjoy a three-day trial period and still receive a reliable service worthy of any reputable VPN provider.

VyprVPN does have some connection logs, one of the very few flaws with this service.

Key benefits include:

• Lightning-fast speeds for uninterrupted HD streaming
• Military-grade encryption and security features
• Host servers in over 70 countries including the US
• Three-day trial without obligation to test the product
• Regular software development to keep Netflix unblocked

4. NordVPN (https://nordvpn.com/)

With 1,498 host servers located across 61 countries, primarily in Europe, NordVPN provides the user with 5 simultaneous connections at super-fast speeds for HD streaming at some of the lowest prices for a paid VPN service. NordVPN has high-end encryption and in-built security features which match those found with other VPN services at a much higher price.

Once again, this VPN covers all popular platforms and offers secure streaming with the promise of your money back after 30 days if you don’t like the service. Double encryption tends to be a little on the slow side at times, but this has little or no impact on Netflix users. NordVPN has host servers in the UK and the US, where Netflix is a permitted service.

Live chat support is available. Integrated CyberSec security software shields against intrusive advertisement and malicious online threats.

Key benefits include:

• Exceptional value for money for a high level of service
• Fast connections ideal for Netflix streaming
• Strong encryption and advanced CyberSec security software
• Servers in over 60 countries including the UK and US
• Easy-to-use software over all popular platforms

5. HideMyAss (https://www.hidemyass.com)

Well known for many years for being a proxy server for online browsing, HideMyAss as a VPN works best across US servers for the US Netflix catalogue. The software also has host servers across the world but users need to check which ones unblock Netflix and which ones don’t – one of the only flaws HideMyAss has as a VPN for streaming digital HD media.

The biggest benefit to having so many global servers is that the software unblocks just about any streaming service and, while quirky, HideMyAss has great connection speeds which make it ideal for HD viewing. The software has minimal connection logs, no usage logs and a strong privacy policy that allows the user to watch TV and movies with total peace of mind.

Unlike other VPNs, HideMyAss also allows users to stream P2P torrents. Users can use HideMyAss over 5 devices simultaneously with a risk-free 30-day guarantee.

Key benefits include:

• Unblocks Netflix and most other streaming catalogues
• Allows for P2P streaming – rare for VPN software
• Fast connection speeds provide faultless HD streaming
• Minimal connection logs and no usage logs
• Military-grade encryption for complete online privacy

Why do I need a VPN for Netflix?

A VPN lets users show themselves to be in other parts of the world so, when they connect to a UK or US server, they have access to Netflix catalogues for both of these countries. People living in countries without a Netflix streaming service (or a similar service from one of the competing streaming companies) ultimately have access to otherwise inaccessible content.

Licensing restrictions stop Netflix from showing TV and movies in certain parts of the world

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and Vudu, amongst others, cannot show content in some geographic regions without the appropriate licence. Because some TV shows are now exclusive to streaming subscription services, there are very few other ways to view inaccessible content. A VPN is the simple way to gain access to unpermitted content.

While Netflix undoubtedly enjoys the lion’s share of the market when it comes to paid streaming subscription services, the competition seems to be catching up steadily. Amazon, Hulu Plus and Vudu also have licensing restrictions and, to view their content in countries without a subscription service, users need access to a reliable and trustworthy VPN service.

Best VPNs for Amazon

The Amazon Prime service is now the biggest competitor for Netflix thanks to the growth in popularity of Amazon handheld devices (such as the Kindle Fire) and the Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon Prime and Netflix have two major things in common – an outstanding collection of TV shows and movies, but also the restriction of geographically-locked content.

To access Amazon Prime in unrestricted countries, users need to change the country settings on their devices to match the geographical location of the catalogue. The next step is to sign up for a VPN service that allows for seamless streaming of Amazon’s content.

Express VPN and NordVPN work perfectly for Netflix and for Amazon Prime so please refer to the reviews further up the page to find out more about these two service providers. There are three more worthy VPNs to consider for accessing content from Amazon, all of which are paid services with unique benefits and different levels of performance.

1. Buffered VPN (https://buffered.com/)

Buffered is still a relatively new VPN service but one that impresses nonetheless. The speed and reliability of Buffered ensures an excellent standard of HD streaming and the freedom to watch Amazon Prime content wherever you are. Users enjoy 5 simultaneous connections across all major platforms with minimal logging and superb standards of encryption.

At face value, Buffered looks a little sparse as a VPN because it only has host servers in 45 countries. Look a little deeper, however, and Buffered covers all major locations where Amazon provides content streaming services for unlocking. The only real downside to Buffered as a VPN is the price, but this works out much lower when bought as a yearly plan.

Buffered is one of the few VPNs to support P2P streaming.

Key benefits include:

• Fast connection speeds for the best HD streaming experience
• P2P streaming – a rare commodity in a VPN service
• 45 servers, mainly in countries with an Amazon Prime service
• No usage logs for more private and safer viewing
• Excellent security, even with public Wi-Fi connections

2. IPVanish (https://www.ipvanish.com/)

One of the best-known VPN service providers, IPVanish offers a perfect option for Amazon users because it downloads directly to a device or a Fire Stick – unlike apps which require the third-party Downloader program. The software itself is incredibly easy to use and the IPVanish VPN has over 500 servers available for use in more than 60 different countries.

This VPN is another of the very few that allows the streaming of torrents, and offers unlimited bandwidth over 5 simultaneous connections with a tough encryption protocol.

Connection speeds rival those from any other service provider and offer a HD streaming experience to savour. IPVanish has a 7-day money-back guarantee so users have every chance to try and enjoy the service before making a long-term commitment. The only limitation to this VPN service is the rather ordinary support, which could be much better.

Key benefits include:

• A no-log policy for greater user privacy
• 500+ servers in over 60 different countries
• Enjoy 5 simultaneous connections at any one time
• P2P torrent streaming allowed
• Full smart domain name system integration

3. VPNArea (https://vpnarea.com)

Initially, VPNArea might not seem the best option for some users because it only connects to Amazon Prime on 2 servers. Where this VPN lacks in choice, it certainly makes up for it in terms of security and user-friendly performance. Security features include a kill switch that instantly disconnects from the service if the user’s internet connection stops working.

Add in that this VPN has a no-log policy and an automatic IP changer that puts you onto a different server every 15 minutes (optional), and it’s easy to overlook other limitations.

For more widespread use, VPNArea has hundreds of servers available in 68 different countries and works on up to five different devices simultaneously. Be aware that to use Amazon Prime, you must connect to one of the two special Netflix servers – one of which is in the UK and the other in the US. These are easily found in the server lists.

Key benefits include:

• No-log policy and exceptional security features
• Unique kill switch feature and optional automatic server changes
• Hundreds of servers in 68 different countries
• Connect via 5 devices at any one time
• Great customer-to-server ratio with new servers added monthly

Best VPNs for Hulu

Hulu, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, is a premium video streaming service showing everything from TV shows to full-length movies. For a low-price monthly subscription, users receive content online or through compatible devices. Because Hulu has partnerships with Sony, MGM and Warner Brothers, there’s never a shortage of first-class entertainment available – so long as you live in one the countries where Hulu has a licence to broadcast.

The US and Japan are Hulu’s main territories. Like Netflix, Hulu has taken drastic steps to block VPN access in unauthorised countries but some service providers have beaten these measures by continually rotating IP addresses to avoid detection.

The five VPNs below, already discussed earlier on this page, work fantastically with Hulu:

• Express VPN
• IPVanish
• NordVPN
• Buffered VPN
• VPNArea

For those looking for something a little different from their Hulu experience, some lesser-known VPN services exist which deserve serious consideration.

1. CyberGhost VPN (http://cyberghostvpn.com)

CyberGhost VPN uses encrypted 256-AES bit technology to provide private and secure online usage that works perfectly with the Hulu service. It allows access to all types of geo-restricted content and blocks malicious software without compromising on speed – one of the most important elements of smooth and uninterrupted HD video streaming.

The software, developed in Germany, works across all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. CyberGhost describes its VPN service as an all-in-one online privacy app that helps users reclaim their right to digital freedom. The service includes live chat and email support, simultaneous use on up to 5 devices and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key benefits include:

• Smart integrated kill switch for loss of internet connection
• Global access to more than 1,000 different servers
• No-log policy with DNS and IP leak protection
• OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
• Unlimited bandwidth and traffic with exceptional speeds

2. PureVPN (http://purevpn.com)

PureVPN is a self-managed service with more than 750 servers in as many as 140+ different countries. The service uses no third-party servers and never logs your activity – a definite benefit when it comes to using Hulu and other streaming services. Top-of-the-line 256 bit encryption guarantees a safe and secure connection even on public Wi-Fi networks.

With so many available servers, connection speeds never put the bite on you unexpectedly. PureVPN offers faultless HD streaming with the safeguard of keeping your emails, photos and personal information protected. This VPN comes with a risk-free 7-day guarantee and users receive the cheapest price for the service when buying a two-year package.

Key benefits include:

• Full antivirus and antimalware functionality
• Unlimited switching from server to server
• IDS/IPS intrusion detection for ultimate levels of protection
• Exceptional video streaming speeds – even in HD
• Compatible with more than 20 different devices
• Unlimited data transfer and no bandwidth limits
• 99.9% uptime with 5 simultaneous log-ins at any one time

3. SaferVPN (http://safervpn.com)

Marketed as the fastest and simplest VPN, and the best way to gain safe, private and unrestricted access to Hulu and all other major streaming subscription websites, SaferVPN offers sleek performance on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Chrome. With just a single tap or click, users have instant access to their favourite shows and movies – wherever they are.

Blazing connection speeds and 256-bit bank-level encryption ensure faultless HD streaming with no compromises in security. Safer VPN has no bandwidth limits, no download caps and no throttling. Users have access to over 700 servers in 34+ countries. Smart Wi-Fi protection ensures a more secure connection over public networks with no fear of hacking.

SaferVPN offers a free 7-day trial with 24/7 chat and email support.

Key benefits include:

• User-friendly apps for a full range of devices
• Automatic 256-bit encryption and security
• Global access in 34+ different countries
• 24/7 email and live chat support
• Unlimited bandwidth and super-fast connection speeds

The Benefits of VPN Service

Different people have different online priorities and each of them uses the internet in their own way. While a VPN provides access to video streaming outside of permitted countries, it’s also worth considering one of the many VPN services to protect your anonymity online. In effect, a VPN is a virtual tunnel that masks the way you communicate on the internet and which ultimately displays the IP address of the server rather than your own.

Keeping your own IP address hidden, particularly with a VPN service that doesn’t log activity, stops companies, organisations and government departments from tracking what you do online. A fast VPN service with the highest levels of encryption offers a vast range of additional user benefits and won’t slow down the streaming of digital HD media.

Naturally, there are free VPNs out there. These might seem attractive at first glance but most offer what can only be described as a substandard service with the potential for serious privacy issues. Free or cheap services are free or cheap for good reason, so always look to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and similar digital content through a paid VPN service which offers the best possible balance of price, features and security.

Enjoy your digital HD viewing with a VPN from the selections listed above, and unblock streamed content from all subscription services for your personal viewing pleasure.

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