Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

EAX and 3D Sound With the increasingly popularity of 3D sound support in games and Microsoft’s inclusion of DirectSound 3D in DirectX, Creative Labs decided to develop their own 3D sound API, EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions). Essentially, sound environments are created with the use of sound sources and effects that are processed in real-time using … Read more

AMD to Introduce Netbook Chip in 2011

Advanced Micro Devices plans to release a processor in its “Fusion” line that will be positioned for the netbook market, putting it in competition with the Intel Atom, and, to a lesser degree, the ARM processor. The “Fusion” program is AMD’s (NYSE: AMD) long-term project to integrate its CPU cores with graphics processor cores from … Read more

Notebook Review: Lenovo ThinkPad T410

As notebook computers go, the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 is bread and butter. It’s the company’s mainstream 14.1-inch business laptop, sibling to the 15.6-inch model T510, smack in the middle of Lenovo’s product line. But you know how, when you go to a really nice restaurant, even the bread and butter are exceptional? This ThinkPad may … Read more

Intel Introduces Atom-Based SMB Server Platform

Intel is aiming to tackle the small-business server market with its first server platform based on the Atom processor. Unveiled here today at the CeBit trade show in Germany, Intel’s new take on the Atom — the processor most widely associated with the popular netbook form factor — relies on coupling the CPU with a low-end server … Read more

iPad Parts May Yield Tidy Profits for Apple

Apple’s recently launched iPad could yield a tidy profit for the company thanks to its relatively low cost for parts, if an analysis of the components proves accurate. According to BroadPoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall, the low-end $499 version of the new tablet costs about $270 in materials and manufacturing. Marshall concluded the most expensive … Read more