Processor History

CPUs have gone through many changes through the short years since Intel came out with the first one. IBM chose Intel’s 8088 processor for the brains of the first PC.


SCSI is an entirely different interface than the more popular IDE. It is more of a system level interface, meaning that it does not only deal with disk drives.

Maximizing G400 Performance

Matrox has been making quality graphics cards for over 23 years now, and it shows; their graphic cards have always been among the best on the market. The last couple of years we’ve seen the introduction of 3D graphics and the integration of 2D and 3D on one card. Matrox initially ceded the implementation of … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Networking: Part One

Welcome to Part One of HardwareCentral’s Ultimate Guide to Networking! We’ll start the guide with an introduction to networking, a run-through of networking terms and lingo, and descriptions of networking hardware. What is a Network? A network is simply a group of two or more Personal Computers linked together. What Types of Networks Exist? Many … Read more