Zip EXCRUCIATINGLY slow on new Dell 450



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i just purchased a spanking-new, top o' the line Dell Dimension 450 with all the toys. the only thing i added to it was the external Iomega Zip drive that was connected to my old laptop.

on the laptop, i could run programs, easily copy and move files around, etc. from my various Zip disks.

On the new Dell desktop, all of those tasks are extremely slow, if not impossible.

i've run the parallel port accelerator included with the Iomega Tools disk to no avail.

i'd be eternally grateful for any assistance...


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Make sure the bios setting for your parallel port has ecc and ecp enabled. The transfer rate of a standard parallel port is 150kbps, with ecc/ecp enabled, the port will put through 1.5mbps

This is likely your problem