ZIP Drive bogs down win95.



Hi, using my parallel port zip drive, with guest95 drivers, everytime i copy something to or from a zip disk, it slows the system down a ton!, the mouse is even slow. also, it will take a super long time to boot if theres a disk in the zip drive..

anybody have this prob? any suggestions?


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I have the exact same problem with my external parallel Zip drive - damn, it is slowww... I am thinking about getting an internal IDE Zip drive because it is much faster.


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A coupla things:

1. if you motherboard supports it, then use ECP or EPP settings for your parallel port - they are a lot faster than the default standard settings - you will need to check in the BIOS to see what the current settings are.

2. install the lastest version of Zip Tools and use the Zip Accelerator utility to get the fastest throughput.

If you've got a fairly recent motherboard/computer then you should be able to read (or write) a full disk in 5-10 mins.

By the way, the internal Zip drives don't seem to work any faster - it only the SCSI ones that fly along.



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Well, I picked up an internal IDE Zip drive yesterday and installed it in my system. My BIOS recognizes it, but it does not show up in Win95. I removed and reinstalled it in device manager and seems to work for a while, but when I restart the computer it's gone again. I tried just about every setting possible. When it does work, it does not seem much faster than my external Zip drive. So I am going back to the external Zip drive. I guess if you are going to get a Zip drive, you should go for the SCSI version.