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I had an internal 100 Mb zip drive that died; i.e., it began telling me that all my zip-drives were write-protected. That property is set in software and my zip software (is there an abbr. for software v. hardware?) definitely said these drives were not write-protected. I called my OEM (Gateway) and they immediately sent a replacement. Oh yeah, old drive did produce the clicking sound assoc. w/click-death. My understanding of this phenomenon is that we are seeing something you could call a mechanical virus where a flaw in the drive causes a flaw in the disk that causes that disk to induce the same flaw in the next drive that tries to read that "bashed" disk. Zip drives are hugely popular so I don't as yet accept that they are unviable media.
OK, my questions:
1.) Am I going to damage the new Zip drive if I try to use (read) drives written by the dead drive; &...
2.) If the above is TRUE, what alternatives are there for recovering the data on those drives?
Thankfull for any help, & sorry for the long post.


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Head on over to the following site for the full low down:

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Hey I'm glad to have seen this. I had the problem a year ago and purchased a new one because I thought my machine was defective and nothing else could be done. However I kept the defective one and will now ask for a replacement. Thanks a lot. This site and discussion forum are great.