Your Gmail account may...



Why am I still doing up?
Or may not have been hacked; no one knows for sure :confused:

Almost 5 million Gmail passwords have been leaked according to The Daily Dot. It appears the list of leaked passwords were posted onto to a Russian Bitcoin forum.

The list of accounts and passwords has now been taken down, and many reports suggest that a good amount of the information on the list was quite old. It is described as a collection of phished and hacked data from over several years, where in many cases the accounts have been deactivated and/or contain out dated passwords. However, others claim that as much as 60% of the accounts are still in use, so it is likely a good idea to change your password anyway.


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If you go to the article Huge has linked, you will find a link to a site that will check your email address against a list. I did and mine appears not be on the list.

Thanks, Huge.