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This guy comes over to install my cable modem a few weeks back. We start talking about computer stuff, naturally, and he starts telling me about his system. I'll quote him whenever possible:
him: "Yeah, I just got my dual Athlon system goin'."
me: "wow, dual athlon-I didn't realize there were dual athlon motherboards out. what kind of motherboard is it?"
him: "oh, I wouldn't recommend it. (change of subject.) I've got it overclocked to 4GHz."
me: "4Ghz?"
him: "yeah, well 2GHz per Athlon, so four total."
me (trying not to laugh): "wow, you have a Kryotech case or something?"
him: "naw, just some fans."

he then proceeded to:
a) power off my machine halfway through my splash screen.
b) borrowed my tools because he forgot his
c) forgot the PCI network card he needed and put in an ISA NIC.

needless to say, i went over my machine with a fine toothed comb to make sure he didn't leave any screws laying on a card or something. I told myself that I wouldn't look over his shoulder when he was doing the installation. As an "IT Professional," I know it would irritate me, so I kept one eye on his hands and the other on his face for expressions like, "shit, hope he didn't see that!"


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I think he is a time traveller. I think he is from two years in the future where dual K7 are abundant and 2 GHz is today's equvalent of 300A.


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Hehe... hey I'm that installer!!! j/k

Seriously though I used to manage the tech department for this little store in my home town, this was right after my 21st birthday. Every wednsday night my favorite local bar would have "Buck Night", anything in the house (drinks only hehe) for $1. This started at 7pm and went till closing time at 2am. Needless to say my friends and I would get extrememly messed up every wednsday. I had a lot of thurday service calls where I was probably like that installer you had... hahaha.

My boss (owner of the store) actually started telling customers we didnt do installs on thursdays because thats the day after buck night.

Then again my boss and I used to drink our lunches at the bar accross the street.


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That tech sounds a bit like most of the people that work for the computer shops where I live. With a couple of differences though
1: most of them haven't even heard of overclocking
2: if I mention watercooled systems they all just laugh and say only lunatics would put water in their pc's
3: Their tools are their best friends, and they are therefore surgically attached to them

They're good for a laugh, but wouldn't want them messing with my system - no way.


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I had this guy work on my laptop. He had the fattest fingers ever...not good for a laptop. He had to replace the motherboard because the sound card was busted...anywho, when he took out the processor, he drops it on the table. He then tries to remove the IR cable and somehow manages to bust the connector and bend the pins. By this time i figgured it was better to let him finish and bitch at Dell to have them send me a new one because their service man screwed up. He replaced the motherboard, and put everything back together minus the IR port. Of course it didn't work. I was pissed. I need my laptop for my classes (they are required for all classwork). I bitched to Dell and they sent me a new one. It was my worst computer experience ever.


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I work, correction worked, with people like that. They all got laid off with me yesterday. I was the only one called back to my knowledge. He told me all kinds of stuff, but when he found out I ran OCN he stopped telling me about his computer. He then started asking me for advice on it.

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