You know Snapchat user some important tips and emojis meanings?



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everyone uses Snapchat. But it has been specially designed keeping in mind teenagers and youth. Snapchat has become very popular among adolescents. Because of its fun filters and face swapping it is appealing to people of all age groups.

Even in India, Snapchates are on the rise and after the video dispute of Tanmay Bhatt, many people have heard and used the name of this app for the first time. Tanmay used snapchat's most special feature swiping in his videos, and this feature has been very attractive to youth and adolescents.

Some special words used in the world of

snap: Photos and videos taken through snapchat (Snap to a snapcutter but it can be sent only
Can be viewed for 10 seconds only, and after that it disappears forever.)

Snapback: Answer to a snap

Story: Snap to broadcast for your Followers (Story Viewer User 24 any number of times within hours can see it and you can do many different snap post your story within a day.

scores: Total number of snaps you've ever sent or received Kya

chat: a feature whereby you can message your friends Private / Straight

Here: a feature which only a direct message you can start live video chat


Since snapchat is so popular all these terms have also been used outside the app in normal conversations. Other apps even copied them