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Heya all.. this is kewl. Anyway, lemme put in my 2e-02.. I dunno if anyone's tried this, but I've taken a PS fan, put it in the case fan bracket, and screwed it onto an empty PCI slot screw, so it blows air over my scoundcard, and i740. it seems to work quite well.. any reactions?
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good deal...

i did something similar. my wife had an old tandy 386 that someone gave her... i built her a new comp out of some old parts i had layin around, it was only a p100 but it worked much better than the 386, of course.

since then, we have both upgraded, she's got a 233mmx and i got a pII350... anyway...

with the placing of the hard drives in my new case they were gettin pretty damn hot. so i took apart the power supply from the 386 and screwed the fan to a mount near my HDDs and now they are sittin pretty at room temperature.

da jig isz up...