xfer old OS to new HD?



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I woke up Christams morning with a special gift from Santa. Scandisk ran automatically and found the windows\system directory entry to be corrupt. So, it decided to delete it. I was an idjit and hadn't backed up my system. Took me quite a while to get win98 back. Still a bit farked up, though.

Anyway, I bought a new Quantum Fireball 6.4G and I want to put this in my new system when it comes. How do I xfer all my stuff over to it so it can boot up on my new system?


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Unless you want your new HDD farked up too, do a clean install, run the original HDD as a slave and move data files over. All programs will have to be reloaded.

I don't think it would be smart to do a straight copy. You need to have all of the errors fixed, and the drive defragged before starting. Run the orig HDD as master and the new as slave. Using programs such as Ghost or Drive Copy, copy everything from the old to the new. When all the files are copied, you will need to synchronize them before booting. There should be a button or command for this.

If you had any strange problems or corrupted on the old drive, they will show up on the new drive.