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If I change my resolution up from 60 Hz, the icons/text at the sides of my display get stretched.
Tried different (PCI and AGP) and monitors, to no avail.
Is this likely to be a FSB problem.
FSB = 100/33 MHz
BIOS DRAM setting = Hclk + Pclk
AGP 4x enabled
So WTF ?
Is this normal in 98 SE or do I have a hardware issue ?
Someone out there knows the truth.




Athlon T-Bird 700 @ 100 *7.0
Papst 612 F 60 mm on Coolermaster DP5 6H51 sink (Arctic Silver II)
A-bit KT7 A (WZ bios)
256 MB Generic PC133 CL3
Generic NVidia GeForce 2 MX – 32 Mb
Ricoh MP9120 12x10x32-8x DVD combo
52x Generic CD
4.3 GB Seagate ATA-33
Enermax 430 W (451P-V) PSU
Win98 SE