wrong version?



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I bought a ATI Expert 98 video card at a local computor store. I told them I needed a pci card. When I went to open package when I got home it was a agp card so I went back to the store. They told me it would work in pci slot but from what I understand it will not. I have never upgraded a video card before. My system does not have a agp port on motherboard. I have not tried installing card because I do not want to mess any thing up. I wonder who is correct, me or the store?


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Pci and agp video cards are not the same. If you tried to install an agp video card in a pci slot, it would not line up at all, and you would probably either break the motherboard or the video card. Take the card back and tell them to get you a pci version, if they say it is compatable, tell them to get you someone to talk to that isnt living in the dark ages. Or talk to the store manager and tell them that their sales people are total morons. Trying to put an agp video card in a pci slot would be like trying to put a pci video card in an isa slot. The are not ment for each other.