Wow, so baffled by my TV tuner and need remote?!?



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OK well I made the mistake of buying an ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI with a free remote offer and I have had it too long and never got the remote in time. I emote to know so very little about any of this stuff too! Basically I have my set top box (very standard DirecTV box no frills at all), and it is hooked up to the tuner and as long as the tuner is on channel 3 I can use the remote on the STB to watch TV through the PC but I want (and need to learn) how to do a lot more!

Basically to start with I need a remote that will not only work with this card but I'd like to be able to control the STB with it and do the DVR functions. If I can't do that with this setup I need to find something I can do it with and I am as always on a low budget.

I find this remote very nicely priced on Newegg and I see from the reviews it won't turn the PC on but since I never tun it off that is no issue, but in my searches I am finding precious little on what this can all do, what is compatible with what and such....

HELP?!? Thanks in advance!


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I'm not an expert on DVR setups, but if you want to use your PC as a DVR and control an external box you'll probably need either a serial/USB cable if you have such an interface on your box, or an IR blaster. This will allow you to setup channel changes for recording and controlling the box with the PC interface/remote. You might need to Google in your set top box model to find more info.

Also, if you want at least decent image quality, drop the coax cable and grab an S-Video cable, or at least composite if possible.

Sorry if I can't bring more info, I've never done such a setup myself v:eek:v