Would a Generic Slotket card hinder my OC potential?



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well, I have this generic ass Slotket card and well i cannot get to 133 fsb. P3-700 cbo w/ alpha pal35t. It just hangs after
pnp initialized.
I am able to get to [email protected]
and if the ram passes the ram check does that mean it is usually ok?


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Hmm...I haven't had any problems with my Slocket. I just had to set a jumper that forced 100Mhz+ FSB on it, and it hasn't given me any problems. I have a 700 Cb0 and I've run it all the way up to 933 perfectly stable, although I have recently backed it down to 840 because I was having some issues in higher detail graphics modes, probably because of my memory mostly.

I'm running 133 FSB with PC100 memory. The common line is usually it isn't good for anything above 124FSB, but by some miracle I got my machine going at 133Mhz FSB with PC100, go figure.


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I have had generic slockets take higher voltages to get the same results in Mhz as an Asus or MSI slocket. Also it depends on what motherboard you are running, what ram you have. Is your ram PC133. PC100 will usually hit 124 Mhz. And a BX motherboard doesn't have a 1/4 multiplier for AGP. So that video card needs to handle the overclock as well. So, the slocket might not be the problem.