woohoo... linux up and running



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hehe... psy, you better watch it now!!! i'm downloading the client!!!

::sharpening ax sound::

Shameless plug:
Athlon [email protected] (3.75 X 220), 1/2 cache, 1.85V :p


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I just bought mandrake-linux 6.1
I wanted the store version because I wanted printed documentation, it also came with partitionmagic, which i will need because i plan on setting up a dual-boot system wiht win98...the only problem is that I have a winmodem right now and I will have to upgrade to a hardwarebased modem in order to run linux...doesn't do any good to run seti under linux if i can't transmit/receive information!!


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well i just to run seti in a Xterm window. so that i can shut it off when needed. so this is cool. it's doing very good. using 98% cpu the rest is for linux to run. so we'll see how this Athlon [email protected] does. in linux with 192 ram.
Linux Mandrake 7 {Downloaded}
Win2000 full.
win98se. so far win200 is the fastest so i'll see how Linux does.
Good luck