won't boot



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A guy at work brought me in a Gateway 2000 GP5-233 which he said had a virus or trojan. So I took it home tried to boot it up but right after it checks the memoryand says OK! the words wait come up and 3 seconds later the computer screen goes blank but stays powered on. Any one have an ideas? I tried replacing the ram but didn't help.


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Disconnect the HD and boot from a floppy to verify that it will come up and run. Then reconnect the HD and boot again from the floppy, hopefully one with a good AV utility on it. What you do from there depends on whether you want to save the contents of the HD. It must be checked and cleaned first, of course. If the HD boot sector is toast, post again.


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And repost in the the support forum too.

This forum isnt a technical one, but one for suggestions to this site.

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