wireless will not work after return from sleep mode



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I have a Windows XP SP2 laptop (Centrino technology) : wireless G.

It connects to a D-Link WBR-1310 G router which works fine.

The problem is , when the laptop goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes when I return back to the computer the wireless connection exists but access to the DSL modem/gateway does'nt work properly and I can not access the internet.

The laptop is a work PC and they have locked it down so I can not turn off the screen saver or the sleep state.

I try to repair the wireless connection with the repair button, it successfully resets wireless connection but can not surf internet, etc.

My only option is to restart the computer.

Does anyone have any advice.

Much appreciated.



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geeezzzz... what is going on with this board that nobody responses anymore???? have all the good techies left???

anyway.... what u may wanna do is go into device manager and under network adapters, look under power settings and uncheck the function that turns off the adapter when the computer goes into power saving mode.

hopefully that helps.