Windows Threshold: The modern UI takes a backseat for desktop users



Microsoft is hard at work on the next major update to Windows and we don’t mean Update 2. Threshold, as it is currently known, is a wave of updates coming to Windows and other platforms; much like how Blue brought new features across many of Microsoft’s key platforms.

While it is still a little unclear if the Threshold update for PCs will be called Windows 9 or something else, what is starting to become known is how that OS will deviate from Microsoft’s past. For mouse and keyboard users, Threshold will be the update many have been waiting for as Microsoft continues to move away form the Sinofsky vision of hybrid OS.

Threshold will be a further move away from the Modern UI environment for desktop users. In some builds of Threshold, the Modern UI is disabled by default. You have to manually turn it back on but this is situation dependent, if you wish to access the live tile environment...

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I might look at another OS if they ever bring back the good old start menu, and an easy way to access all the drives, partitions and such. Until they do, I'll stay with Win7 Ultimate. Win 8 is total garbage. If I wanted a phone I'd use a phone. I use my desktop for many things such as image and video editing, audio recording and vocal dubbing. I don't want a huge phone sitting on my desk or in my studio.


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" easy way to access all the drives, partitions and such"

With windows 8, you can access all the drives and partitions, the same way you do in windows 7.