windows sending vga port to secondary monitor?



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this is driving me nuts, i tried to hook up my tv to my video card with the unused dvi port and a dvi/vga adapter.

it worked but the colors are all wrong, pinks and oranges instead of blue/green etc. i tried switching the ports around and found the same color problems on my old monitor too, so its not the adapter.

anyway, after switching back to single view, xp is now sending the primary display thru the dvi and the secondary thru the vga. how can i get my vga back as primary?

i've disabled the tv display but it makes no difference. when i boot up the vga works fine but as soon as windows loads, the monitor turns off, i can only get a display thru dvi with the adapter and the warped colors.

thanks in advance

asus a8v
bfg geforce 6800
turtle beach s/c
microsoft bluetooth keyboard/mouse


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Have you tried to physically remove the connector/adapter from the DVI port?


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yup i tried everything, its finally working again after completly removing the old nvidia drivers with "driver cleaner pro" and reinstalling. i think it was a faulty vga driver/controller.