Windows 10



Who has upgraded, pros and cons....I have about 6 systems headless and don't want to have to manual set them all back up. All opinions welcome.


Why am I still doing up?
Upgraded mine about a couple weeks ago (note: not a fresh install as I usually do). Seems as fast as Win 7; games all work great. But I still needed to install classicshell; MS what the hell? :(

For an upgrade, it couldn't have gone more smoothly.


Upgrade likewise went smoothly. Do note that if you have licensed programs, you may have to reinstall them or at least re-enter the license key. That wasn't an issue with Microsoft programs (i.e.,Office) but it was with a third party one. Startup takes some getting used to, but it has grown on me. I tried Classic Shell and ultimately went back to basics. Once I got the active tiles the way I wanted them, I was pretty satisfied.

Functionally, it is fine. Like a new edition of Word, it takes a while to figure out where you have to go to do something, but overall, not bad.

Boot up is fast. That Safe Mode is a little problematic. Getting into it on a working OS is fine, though not do easy if the OS is not running (I installed a bad driver, got in a loop at startup, and had a problem getting out. If you don't have a media disk with the OS downloaded on it, get one.). There is a registry fix for that, though, so that you can choose it via F8 at boot, just like we have always done, and I did that.