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It is problem with the CD Rom Drive 8X
I have had the same problem with two acer aspire computers, P5 166 and p5 200MMX. It is posible to load win98, but when it try to get controllers from CD-ROM (read). it does not detect CD-ROM drive. While running Win98 it is not posible to see the CD-rom Drive with, explorer, nor Mi computer nor Adding new hardware. Just from DOS it is possible to read de CD-rom Drive. If I connect a Creative Labs CD-ROM 24X drive everything is ok, I can see with Win98 and DOs. If I connect the Acer´s CR-ROM drive to my white box computer, it works.
I tried with bios: hard disk: auto and none.
with/out OS plug and play.
Is there any win98 path for acer aspire.


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If you are referring to during installation of Win98, I ran into the same problem. The whole system kept hanging because it wasn't recognizing the CD-ROM. I finally did the install from the hard drive through DOS (Microsoft's Tech Support on their web site has the step-by-step on this).
A couple of months later, after many, many problems with Win98 upgrade, I finally reformatted my hard drive and installed from scratch. Went smooth as a bell, and I have had no problems since. Highly recommend a full install over an upgrade, if that's what you're trying to do.