Win95.CIH Virus HelP!!



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My puter was infected with Win95.CIH virus for about a week..but I disinfected it with Norton..and AVP..and got rid of Bioserve.exe..the Backorfice..I think someone just gave me the virus using Backorfice..I need some windows sys files r very screwed up right now..It took me a while to fix windows..and re-install it..but now windows is up and running..but lots of system errors..and now the files r screwing up again..and I heard that Win95.CIH virus screws up the Bios on the I dunno what to do now?

PS: Iam just 14..So plz lower the tech stuff..............§8cÞ


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Win95.CIH does indeed try to overwrite your BIOS, but only after giving itself an opportunity to spread - after it kills the BIOS your PC is most likely not even going to start. I don't think BIOS damage is an issue here, as long as you've cleaned the virus.

As for your Win95 system files, try reinstalling Win95 from the CD without deleting anything - this should repair the corrupted system files without removing any settings you have.