Will there be Direct X for Linux ???


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Well i just wondered if there's anybody who heard of plans to make something like Direct X or a Clone of that for Linux. Or is there no need for that ???
I dont know i just installed Linux yesterday so i'm a absolutly newby to linux.


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There already is directx for linux.
Well... Not natively.

A program called VMWare, is a "virtual machine" that runs in an xterm. You can run ANY os, with full API.
It's currently avaliable for Linux and soon for Windows NT.
It requires a lot of resources, and it's a bit slow. But my god, this program is a godsend for linux users that don't want to reboot to play games or to use more friendly database program or what-have-you.

- www.vmware.com -
no, I'm not affiliated with vmware. =P

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