Will Quake 3 Arena run on this computer?



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* AMD K6-2 500MHz CPU
* 96MB PC100 SDRAM
* Diamond Multimedia Stealth III S540 Video Card
(S3 Savage4 16MB AGP-2X)
* Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 Sound Card

First of all; how will this system perform as is, and what about if I add a 3DFX Voodoo II 12MB PCI Card?

PLEASE NOTE: The Stealth III video card cannot have a Voodoo II piggybacked onto it, So I would use this S3 Savage3D 8MB AGP-2X I have, but I'd guess it wouldn't make a difference.

Thanks in advance.


Q3A is very nVidia friendly. I wouldn't worry about installing a Voodoo card just for Q3A.


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I wanted the Voodoo II for other things as well.......

But this doesn't answer my question...
Will quake 3 run on this PC at 400x300 or higher with a decent frame rate


Why am I still doing up?
You should get decent framerates at 640x480; q3 uses s3's compressed textures format. Try downloading the demo and see how it runs.


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You should be able to run it fine at 640x480 and most effects up, i don't know much about your graphics card though, that may hold you back, instead of getting a voodoo 2, you could get a v3 2K, and sell your other graphics cards, then you would get good performance out of Q3.

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Q3A ran suprisingly well!!

I dont believe in 32bit color for games, who needs more than 16bit (65 thousand) colors for games anyway.

800x600x16 all effects/quality on high: runs well (definatly more than 20FPS).

I am currently running it at 640x480x16 and loving it.