why i download app/games through third-party websites instead of getting it directly from CH Play?



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We all use our phone every day, and no doubt it’s one of the most, if not the most, important piece of tech. apart from communicating purpose like phone or send messages, phone becomes so necessary because of its applications. There are tons of app and games you can download to your phone that can either entertain or help you. For Iphones, you won’t be able to escape Appstore, however, thanks to open of the OS, android users can install app and games through many sources, and CH play is undisputedly the most popular site for downloading app and games. But nothing is perfect, and that limited accesses are the lands for third-party websites to thrive.

So what is wrong with CH play?
Well. It’s a complicated word with thousands of phone and hundreds of countries and territories. So it happens that some app/games are not compatible for some particular phones, and there is no access to the app and games in some regions or countries. Therefore, chances are you won’t be able to download games/app or its older version. Not a big deal, but still a large hole on the system.
Abusing or should I say helping people with these issues, there are some outsiders which are offering the solution to pass these problems. They let you download the app or games to your phone with you allowed to choose to take the older version of it. And it can escape the loop of compatibility hardware.

Here is the list of websites that you can download your wanted app/games, plus you can choose the older version of it:

  • apkpure.com
  • androidapksfree.com
  • allfreeapk.com
  • apknite.com
  • get-apk.co

hope this post will help you some ways!!!! Good day.


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thats so helpful, thanks buddy. could not download an APP on CH play because it's not supported in VN, i go to apknite and get to download it immediately.


What is CH play?

Regardless, downloading APKs off the net can be risky, so imo it's still better to stay with Google Play or Apple Store.


I'm sure there are plenty of sites offering trustworthy APKs, but I would view any site that offers paid versions with suspicion.


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Don't forget to use VPN when downloading APKs for additional security... I always hide my IP when I download such stuff.