Who knows this RAM and what it does?



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Does anyone have experience with SUPERPC RAM? (128meg PC133 cas2) http://www.e-superpc.com

I'm able to buy a stick for a good price but i have never heard of it..

My questions: Is it good? Is it good for overclocking? and ofcourse SHOULD I BUY IT?


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It looks like SuperPC is their generic RAM. You might want to get some RAM from another source that sells quality RAM.

Micron, Mushkin and KingMax are best right now? How much are you getting it for?


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If i'm counting right it's about $125.

I know Micron, Mushkin and KingMax are better but they are just too expensive for me..

so you can't recommend them, even for a low price?

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Kingmax PC-150 CAS2 is $105 for 128MB!

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I wonder if i should get the Kingmax 128mb for around $100 or buy a stick of Generic 256mb for just a bit more..... does quality ram really make a difference?