Who here is a diablo PK?



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C'mon all you Pk's. Post a message if you are
a PK in Diablo. I was just wondering how
many are here.


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I doubt any PKs will post their names.. I've given up on Diablo but I loved tormenting PKs by trash talking to them as I watch them try to beat up on my LvL 44 Wizard with a measily ~160 HP.

First they'll try PKing ya then if they fail, they'll try to drop ya from the game with some lame bug exploit they downloaded.

1 word.. CHEAP

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A PK's a player killer. If you've played
Diablo online for about three seconds you
already knew that. And I didn't say they
had to post their Diablo names. I was just
wondering. Since my character is to weak
to fight a hacking PK I usually do one of two
things. I TP then sit there making fun of him
until he leaves. Or I fight fire with fire
and equip my edited bastard sword which gives
me a total damage of like 1500!!! Hehehe.
They don't stand a chance ;~)