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Hi, im using windows whistler beta2,and i cant seem to change the refresh rate in openGL applications, for like playing q3/counterstrike. I know that people had this problem in windows 2000 and that most people use this new nvreffix, but that program wont work on whistler, it says it cant find my card or that it doesnt support it, and i know it should, and that its just a whistler problem. What i wonder is how do i manipulate the registry manually so that i can get rid of this problem?

Right now im in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Services/nv4/Device0/ and there are several keys there like :


any help with this would be great, since games work pretty neat for me in whistler so far, wanna keep using it without having to reboot every time i gotta play.


Jesse Thompson

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I've never done this, but I remember reading about it somewhere for Win2k...

Find your card... Geforce 1 SDR is NV10, I think NV11 is DDR, Geforce 2 is NV15. etc.

Open the modes key for your card. Select all, copy, and paste into notepad...

find the lines that refer to the bit depth and resolutions that you want. On these lines there should be several other numbers, like 60 70 72 75 etc. Remove all the numbers below the resolution you want to play at... copy, and replace what is in the registry with it...

Be sure to back it up with this one, as like I said, I've never done this before and you might have to address some minor details that I cant remember.. Good luck

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