Which Voodoo2 card to buy?



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I have a diamond Stealth 220 PCI card and am looking into a Voodoo2 PCI card to work along with it. Is this possible? Which brand is best? Please Help!


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Sure you can use your "diamond Stealth 220 PCI card" with a Voodoo 2 card.

The Voodoo card is ONLY used to 3D graphics - you old 2D card will manage the 2D. The only thing you will need is a free PCI-slot (besides the one, which your "diamond stealth 220 PCI card" is plugged into.

Even though you posted an question about the Voodoo 2 card, I will not recommend you to buy such one: Your old graphics card is not (sorry I say it) one of the best and you will achieve much nicer graphics if you buy a so-called "Voodoo Banshee"-card. This card manage both 2D and 3D graphics and at a much higher speed than your old card and is - in some games - faster than the Voodoo 2 card.

If you are interested in more information about the Voodoo Banshee card I will recommend you to look at my homepage: http://kachardware.cjb.net (It should be available and have all files uploaded
before November the 29th 1998.

If you have any questions (or can not wait till my homepage is uploaded) you can contact me at "[email protected]"
Then I will try to answer all you questions about Voodoo 1, Voodoo 2, Voodoo Banshee, give you advice on which brand is best etc.

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Ok here is my two cents....
"Almost" all the V2 cards out there are Identical (Reference Boards). So the two factors to Consider are price and Bundle(Games).
Hope it helps

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Esquire pretty much is right on the ball...

it's pretty much down to what games you want with your V2 although I have seen slight differences in memory speed on the V2 cards themselves...

The STB blackmagic card has 90mhz whereas a Diamond Monster 3d 2 has 100mhz... while the difference is small it does make for about 3-4fps difference...

I own both a STB and a Diamond and i would recomend the diamond... I have also tried Banshee boards which are nice but for all out performance that 2nd texture unit is a big plus....which comes on the V2's....

hope this helps...
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