Which Video Card To Buy



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I am going to buy a Pentium II 350 very soon. I also want to buy a new video card. First I am having a hard time know what is what. Is a regular video card the same as a voodoo 2 card, TNT, etc? Right now I have a Matrox Millenium card. Is a voodoo 2 card compatiable with this? Thanks for all of the help!


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A regular video card is not the same as a voodoo II! the voodoo II is an add on crad, working together with your existing video card and is just used in your games. both crads are linked with a wire that is within the voodoo II. if the add on crad is out of use the output of the normal video card will be looped through the add on card. this gives you a little lower image quality if you want to use higher resolutions than 1024*768.

TNT is a 2d/3d combinating card, bye the way, its the best you can get for speed and image quality.

Your Millenium is absolutly compatible with a voodoo II, i would buy the Voodoo II and keep the Millenium, its fast enough for 2d!