Which SCSI Card should I buy??



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I planing to buy a YAMAHA's CD-REWRITER(SCSI)
run with PII 350mhz, ASUS's motherboard.
Could you guys introduce which SCSI card I should choose. Also tell me how is your card?


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I'm using Adaptec AHA-2940UW.

It's quite allright and in my oppinion, Adaptec are the leading SCSI controller manufacturer. Their controllers are well supported under Windows and their drivers page on the Internet is excellent. They offer from time to time new BIOS upgrades too.

I haven't have any problems with incompaitbility problems. I use it on my Quantum Fireball 3.2 GB HD and Genius Scanner. Both works like a dream.

By the way, in my experience, the Yamaha isn't that good writer. I heard people tell that Plextor makes very good CD-ROM drives and writers. I haven't had any personal experience though. But from my experience, Hewlett Packard makes a good writer too and as an added plus, you can also write CD-RW discs.


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Mole is right on the money I use the 2940UW (the one with the two connectors inside, there are 2 different ones on the market)great card I have 12 devices in my Win98 box no problems it is a little slow on boot up, but after that it sings, no problems at all. I use the 2940UWs in my Unix box, my NT srv box, and my SCO box, and I have personally had bad experiences with Yamaha CD-Rs the specs look good on paper (write 4 x read 6), but they don't last very long. I bought mine six months ago as a backup burner and ........ well Yamaha has it again.

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Thank you guys give me your advises!!

By the way, there are some motherboard had add Adaptec's SCSI card already, like ASUS-P2B. Is that right??


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Yep P2BS, also check out the Asus P2BDS> Dual processors!

If you go with a standard MB my opinion would be to get an OEM 2940UW. About $150.

Diamond and Tekram make excellent products but the industry standard has been and will be Adaptec for years to come.

I have 2 Teac 12X4s they are excellent.

One in an OC'd PII350>392 Adaptec 2940UW. One in an OC'd Cel300A>450 Adaptec 2910.

The Teacs are fast, super reliable, and will burn to the cheapest junk blanks out there with no problem at all. I would recommend them to anyone. My $.02...

Kind regards> Kash


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I have a friend that has no problems with an external Yamaha4260TXP, but I have had other say the internal has problems due to power supply drop/draw...etc. He only chose this one for backing up his CD+G Karaoke discs. Yamaha supposedly is the only CD Writer that could do this. Is there any other CD writers now that can backup CD+G (special format)???
Plextor is a very good writer.
By the way, I'm curious from one of your replies if that was an internal or external unit. Good Luck!