Which RIVATNT to buy



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I have read about the riva chip and now I am trying to find out which one to buy, any suggestions would be appreciated I have a p400 should it be pci or agp?? One reason is that there r games that r coming out that will use texture memory so some of u may want to consider this


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I've heard only good things about the Diamond Viper V550 card. It has 16 megs of RAM, and if you have a AGP slot on your motherboard, definetly get the AGP version. It's the same price and AGP will let 3D textures load faster. Diamond's site sells it for $200, but I have found it for $150.

Hope this helped!


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Glenn I have one word for you "Canopus Spectera 2500" ok THREE words.... It rOcKs, Check out Sharkyextreme.com....... 2d/3d card shoot out...
AGP, why not....down the road
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I bought the STB Velocity 4400 PCI. If I went AGP, I would get the Canopus Spectra 2500.
I would avoid Diamond, whatever Chimps they get to write their drivers must be leftovers from some military research experiment.
I'd go with either the Velocity or the Spectra


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Canopus Spectra 2500......... no doubt.
Best (most) features, Best engineering...
From a great company that seems to care that they make the BEST product. definately AGP..
Diamond is a mistake.... You're lucky to see a driver upgrade twice in one year. And forget about support. STB is only slightly better. I won't even mention Creative (oouww, I just got the chills..)


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No doubt about it. Go with Creative Labs version, it can be found for $125 (pricewatch) and has fast memory. It doesn't have tv out though. All cards are basically just clones with different boxes and software bundles.


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Not entirely true that all cards are reference designs with different bundles, I went with an Elsa Erazor II for $147.00 from CDW.

Never heard of Elsa? They make super high-end grahics cards for pro's and the Erazor is their entry to the general market.

What sets it apart is the on-board fan and SGRAM which I'm not sure anyone else has due to the high price of the TNT chipset.

Complements my Guillemot Maxigamer SLI Voodoo2 cards quite well. What? Never heard of Guillemot either?