Which laptop to choose?



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Ah you do know that to make any use of a 64 Bit CPU at all you have to be running a 64 Bit OS right?

You need to be looking a lot deeper into your choice to see if you can get 64 Bit drivers for that laptop once you buy Windows XP Pro 64 bit.

Also you will need software that is ported to run in 64 bit to make full use of it.

It will be another 5 years down the road before 64 bit software hits the mainstream.

It's more marketing right now than anything else so I wouldn't base your buying choice on a 64 bit CPU for a laptop at this time as it will be sofar out of date before you would really beable to use it in the first place.


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I'd recommend the Core Duo at this point. While it's not a 64bit cpu, that really doesn't matter much unless you run linux. Core Duo is the best mobile CPU out right now.