Which is faster?



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I would just like to know, which is faster,
a biggier or a smaller hard disk ?
Lets say both are of the same make and same speed.
Is smaller ones faster or the other way round?


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Hey Vyper! Long time no see! hehehe
Well my opnion is... the bigger the faster...
If the speed won't blow u away, the size will... ¶=^)


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It depends on the manuf, the transfer rate,and the ave seek time that is how you make your assumption. There are smaller HDD's that are faster than Bigger HDD's and vise versa so look at the specs.

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If you are talking form factor, smaller is definetly faster. If you are talking gb size, then that is dependant on the manufacturers. A deskstar 10gb hdd from ibm is faster than the seagate 7200rpm drive at 8.4gb. Technology is the key. There are scsi hard drives out there past 20gb's that would blow any ide, eide, udma, and alot of smaller scsi drives too. The only problem here is cost. These drives are BRUTALLY EXPENSIVE.