Which is better for games?



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Which would make a better games machine?

1> )an atholon 550 with sdr g-force and gigabyte

2> )atholon 700 with vodoo3 2000 and the great
abit ka7 board

Please let me know what you think guys as I am buying very soon



Rock Dog

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If it was me, I'd go for more CPU. You can always upgrade one or the other later. The Videocards coming out soon are going to kick a$$ so if you are even the least interested in one, I'd go for the higher CPU and cheaper vid card. That way you do not throw away that $ on the good vid card when you upgrade.

If you are thinking about a more perminant selection... You might go the other way. (You can always upgrade the CPU later also...) But I think the GeForce is going to be weak in the months to come. New cards might severly drownd the GeForce's performance. The CPU might last you longer...

If it was me, I'd go for the CPU power over the vid card at this point. (But I would upgrade the vid card with in a few months or so.) The VooDoo5 is right around the corner. The GeForce2 is out now (although I find it less that totally impressive, just my opinion)

I think 3dfx and Nvidia are going to have some cool new toys out in the near future which obviously would run better on a faster CPU.

I have an Athlon 750 and VooDoo3 3k and it looks excelent! I tried the GeForce (3 different ones actually) but had compatibility issues with something (I think the chipset or soundcard) So I opt to go for the cheaper V3 3k now and I am looking into the V5 5500 coming out soon.

The choice is up to you. If this is a short term plan, definatly go for more CPU. If it is long term, you might want to go for the vid card now. (Although I believe GeForce prices are going to drop soon when the GeForce2 gets even more available and the VooDoo5 comes out.) It's your choice though.

Good Luck!


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I would go Winth the 700 Athlon and the V3 and later get a Voodoo5 5500 3 months after the relese


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The Athlon 550 + Geforce will outperform the 700 + V3 is almost all games. (UT being the most notable exception) So to answer the question of which is a better game machine, the first choice unless you play lots of UT.

And did you know you can get the Geforce SDR for $130 now? I think you're probably overestimating the cost of it. The difference in price between a 550 and 700 is about the same as the Geforce SDR to V3. It's only about $50-60 difference, so you shouldn't have to sacrifice getting a cheaper mobo, too.

Like Rockdog said, it will be easily upgrable either way. But theres no point buying the slower setup now hoping to buy a faster $300 video card in another 3 months. There's ALWAYS someone better right around the corner and obviously you're really tight on cash.
That Voodoo 3 is just not that wonderful anymore. You'll really be feeling slow in another 3 months. The Geforce should still run well, even if you can't run 1024x768x32bit.

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Thank's for the info guys.Think i'll go higher cpu as the prices here in England between the v3 and the g-force is about £60.Then of course you have all the worry of knowing if your g-force will work with your mb.Anyhow you were right the v3 and the g-force are pld hat now so I think its better to get a higher cpu and wait 6 months and get a vodoo5



Good choice,

Plus the Athlon 700 can reach about 900mhz too!!! U dont even need to buy another CPU, just clock it up!!

As for the voodoo. it is a ok choice. But hey u can clock that up too for even better performance. The SDR Geforce is a totally lacking in power (my relative point of view) I had one for 6 months then I went out and bought a DDR Geforce, holy shit wat a difference!!!


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I suggest a tnt2 over the voodo. they have better quality and with that cpu they will rule. maybe a viper2 they cost like 130 or so and are underated.

Mr Phatt

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Pah! Viper 2s really suck!! Trust me ive seen 3 in action and they all give pants frame rates!! Have you considered a celeron? Ten you could probably get a high speed celery (600 or so) and the geforce...just a thought....

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Well guys I got the athlon 700mhz and the v3
and guess what my new abit motherboards shaged so the v3 is in the k62500 while i wait to change the motherboard hahahaha



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for just thosw choices and your arn't going to upgrade for atleast a couple of months go with the 550 and sdr geforce the geforce dont depend on cpu that much and will beat the voodoo3 even on a 700mhz athlon but what you might want to think about is the 550mhz and a new video card like the voodoo5 5500 or 6000