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I just bought a TBIRD 1GIG (version 266).

Which HSF should I buy? I want to get one that won't ruin my CPU. I've heard sad stories of people ruining their cpu just by installing new HSF.

I have only installed a couple times of these on someone else cpu. I want to be very cautious with my on.

So, please just let me know which one would be safer, and great of course, for my CPU.

I will probably O/C it.

Swiftech are supposed to be the best out there. There are quite expensive though (~$50+).

Which HSF is cheap (~$30 is alright) and close to Swiftechs HSF?

Thanks to all.

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The Thermalright SK6 is pretty good, and around that price range,

You don't have to worry as much about chipping the core of your CPU. It seems that the newer Athlons and Durons are far more resilient than the old ones. Still be careful tho...

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if you are really worried about crushing the core then it might be worth getting a shim - a small, thin piece of metal that stops too great a force being applied to the hsf while still ensuring good tight contact with the processor.

they are relatively expensive for what they are though [i paid 6quid in the uk for a good non-conductive shim]

the thermalright has a great reputation but be aware that any hsf with the 60mm delta fan can be a bit noisy - nothing that can't be gotten used to though.

a quieter solution that doesn't quite cool with the abilities of the deltas is the taisol - i have the 760 and it's very good.

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