Which HD is good for overclocking?



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I'm thinking of buying a Celeron 300A system and planning to overclock. I'm not sure if/why it should matter but appearantly it is reported IBM deskstart HD would not tolerate overclocked system bus at 100MHz. Does that mean the HD does not work with high end PII w/ 100MHz bus at all(I can't imagine that). Anyhow I'd like to know which HDs are good for overclocked CPU/bus. Thanx.


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Its almost never a problem with the hard drive when you overclock, it is the cpu and ram that cause the problems. If the cpu gets some data, calls instructions, and the info gets written wrong to the system ram, then when the cpu goes and sends the data to the hard drive, it is corrupt and gets written over good data, and will cause errors on boot up, or when running programs. It usually boils down to this. Also the adapter may be running faster, and sending data faster than the hard drive can handle it, because now the controller and the adapter are out of sync. This may be what the problem people are talking about. The adapters and pci bus speeds are adjusted when a system chipset is built for 100mhz system bus, so overclocking the bus should not cause a problem. You would probably have more problems with older boards that used unreliable 100mhz fsb speeds, because the system speed and the pci bus speeds become unstable.