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I am going for Athlon 1.4GHz soon. What are the most efficient and yet quieter cooler?


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for a quiet hsf i would recommend the taisol 760 with the inset copper base. but that's about the only decent cooler i've used so it is limited experience.

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Yes, that's a good HSF.

I'm still impressed by the ThermoEngine, running on the stock fan- that's pretty quiet.

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I'm not so keen on the thermoengine myself. I had pretty crappy results using one, plus it is getting a bit old now as the design does not use copper unlike newer coolers. The Taisol 760 with its copper base is a good solution though. I'd say the best quiet cooling out there at the moment is either the Swiftech MC462 or ALPHA PAL8045 mounted with a quiet 80mm fan....

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Originally posted by PeterTsang:
I am going for Athlon 1.4GHz soon. What are the most efficient and yet quieter cooler?
Watercooling is still the most effective and silent form of cooling.

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I have the ThermalRight SK6.
I don't know if its quiet with the standard fan but the delta 7000rpm one is bloody noisy

I do idle about 29 degrees and under load about 39(sisoft sandra burnin wizard).

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