Which broken pins need to be connected - AMD phenom X6



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Following pins are broken on my cpu:

AJ1 VLDT_A hypertransport i/o ring power supply many others- Do I need them all?
AL3 cpu_pres processor is present for a socket. Shorted to VSS on the package.
AL4 alert_l Programmable pin that can indicate different events, including a SidebandTemperature Sensor Interface interrupt.
A4 vddnb Northbridge power supply many others - Do I need them all?
C1 SVC/VID[3] In platforms supporting SVI, this signal is the serial VID interface clock. In platforms supporting PVI, this signal is bit 3 of the parallel voltage ID to the regulator

Socket AM3 pinout info at: http://wfcache.advantech.com/www/certified-peripherals/documents/96mpaa-2.8g-2mam3t_Datasheet.pdf

Definitely AL3 but what about the others? Maybe it will post without them? It wouldn't damage anything to try?

I won't mention how many were bent :)