which alpha do i want?



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From what I've read it seems that celeron PPGA chips do better at overclocking than slot 1 celerons. I have also read that alpha heatsink/fans do the best cooling without problems.

Right now I have an Abit BX6 and am thinking about getting a slotket converter so that I can buy a celeron PPGA and run it on the BX6.

Since I am gonna run a PPGA in a slotket... do I need to buy a slot 1 alpha cooler or do I need a socket 370 alpha?


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Even though you are going to use your Socket-370 Celeron in a Slot-1 configuration, I would still have to reccomend that you get the Socket-370 version of the Alpha cooler. The Slot-1 style P-125 Alpha may work, but it also may not fit the dimensions of your chip since it isn't a native Slot-1 chip. Besides, since you are buying a Socket-370 chip, why not get a heat-sink and fan that is tailored to run on it?



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Alpha PFH6035MFC


Heatsink $19.50

Heatsink with 22.1 cfm fan, tach sensor, 3-pin connector $34.00

checkout: internetespresso.com/ppga.htm

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