Which 3D card for a K6-2 300


Daniel Kwong

Hi, I am using a K6-2 300 CPU with FIC 503+ motherboard using VIA CE version of Chipset, I am
planing to buy a new 3D card in the AGP slot (I am using Trio3D 4M which almost no game support, and I wonder wether it is a 3D card or not and All my 3 PCI is fill up!) I am thinking of getting either Riva TNT, Savage3D, Voodoo Banshee or ATI Rage Pro based AGP card. Does any one know of any compatibility issue with the VIA's chipset AGP implmentation of those card ? I've read the news, they said TNT and Rage Pro should work fine but I really want to get Savage3D or Voodoo Banshee since they are cheaper.

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I do not know about compatibility issues, but I will grace you with my opinion....
I would say go with a Banshee card, because the TNT cards suck a lot of CPU...
plus with the Banshee cards you get glide. The TNT cards really shine at 400 plus, hope this helps.
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If I can suggest an excellent card, go with the ATI All-in-wonder-pro. It has built in DVD support, TV-in, TV-out, Stereo-in, etc. etc. etc. The K6-2 should support it, but I definitely shouldn't try it on my k6-233. The thing might just blow up on me.

P.S. The all in wonder pro is only like 150.00 AGP or PCI at compusa this week.

Pillow Fluff


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I would recommend the Diamond Viper V330 AGP and the Biostar 100mhz Super Socket 7 MB. I installed that combo on my son's computer. It really screams. Make sure you install DirectX 6 because it takes advantage of the "3D Now" instruction set. You should see "Incoming" on that rig. It's like being in a movie! I'll try the V550 too when the prices come down.

Daniel Kwong

I am also thinking of ATI all in wonder pro but the think is I am in Asia and the price is almost $400 US with only 4 mb Ram!!! It is becasue in Asia, they need to have new design since here we got TV signal of PAL/MSCEAM rather NTSC in the North America. so they are very expensive. But I am also think of Xpert98 with 8mb which cost about $90US here. Does anyone know if it work with AGP in FIC+ motherboard and any compatability issue.



Go with either a Canopus Specta 2500 TnT( with opitional video cap/tv add-on), or if you go Banshee, get a Metabyte card www.metabyte.com, the make some kick cards, and have some special drivers that really rock.
I just bought a Velocity 4400 PCI, (I wanted the Canopus, but no AGP)


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In guangdong, china, creative labs
TNT 16MB sells for under RMB1100,
which is less than US$120. So I
guess a TNT card with TV out would
not be too much either. And I
believe TNT with TVout support
Pal or secam. So why don't you
goto china to buy a cheap card?