Which 3D AGP can I use together with my Matrox MilleniumII PCI



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I would like to upgrade my WIN98 PC with a 3D AGP video card.
I already use the Matrox MilleniumII,PCI card in my system.(100MHz,slot7,AMD6-2 350MHz,VIA VP3).
Is it possible to set the Matrox as 2nd video card? I tested an AGP card together with the PCI card. But when I booting the system always the PCI comes up first.
Which 3D card would you prefer?


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Win 98 is always going to make the PCI the default adapter in windows, and I don't know of any games that support multiple monitors, I don't think it is possible to get any PCI/AGP card combination to work on a single monitor except the Voodoo2 and any AGP card, you could get a Voodoo2 card and use it with your MilleniumII but then you'll still be without AGP, or scrap the Matrox card and go with a TNT AGP card or ATIs new Rage Fury if it ever comes out.