Where is GeForce2 GTS Company? Control Panel?



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I got my GeForce2 GTS along with my Dell system. They won't tell me the name of the company who made it (I keep getting B.S.) and on the info it says "NVIDIA 64 MB GEFORCE 2 GTS (DELL)"

So... Who made it?

Also, where is the control panel for it? I had a GeForce256 for my previous computer and it was a Creative Labs Annihilator and it had a control panel where I could edit the card. The GeForce2 has NO control panel and so I cannot edit the card's functions at ALL. I've looked all over the computer for it and it doesn't exist.


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well don't know for sure, but i have heard that Dell uses either Leadtek or Asus GeForce Cards, but heard more on Asus cards. My brother does some dealing with Dell, so i will ask if he can find out for sure.


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It's made for Dell, using the NVidia reference board design, by a company called Celestica. They are a large contract manufacturer of electronic components, and are a spinoff of IBM. Comparable in quality and performance to the brand names, although it's short on extra features. All the GF2's are 4x, as far as I know...You can go to www.tweak3d.com and find out about bringing up the control/utility panel. Do a CoolBits=DWORD with a value of 3. Tweak3D will explain how. Good luck.

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You could just upgrade the drivers to the new Detonator3 (6.18) from Nvidia.
This gives you good range of options to play with in display properties.
Detonator drivers work on nearly all Nvidia based graphics cards, but you may need to try a few to decide which version works best for you.
Different beta drivers can be found at:

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