Where can I buy FROST-74 ???



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I'm looking for a place where I can buy the Frost-74 pelt.
Visited "TE Distributing" and started with the order... Shipping adress.. ok... And then the billing adress... ok... when looked up... UGAH!! $42 in shipping with UPS from US to Sweden.. No thanx!

Feel lucky I didn't fill in the "card#" box...

Anyone know where they can send it with a standard mail?? Preferbly a place somewhere in Europe, but not necessary... But $19, is that a good price for the pelt??


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Ok, go back to TE Distrubiting via the below link to the "Potted" peltiers. Although these are a little more expensive they are much better, as the edeges are sealed, so much less chance of condensation/moisture problems.

Potted Peltiers

You also want this option on the order page:-

USPS Global Priority (International)

It's not all that clear on the site but it stands for Untied States Postal Service

and it is around $18 for shipping to Sweden.

The one you chose was United Parcel Service, which is a Courier parcel service (expensive)

I made the same mistake at first but worked it out and recieved two Potted ICE 71's from them without any dramas, and I'm in the UK.

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