When a 56k no longer becomes a 56k



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Ok here is my problem.
I currently dial into my ISP (mindspring) and connect at 50,666 with no problems what so ever. I have two modems
USR Sportster 56k
USR Voice 56k

For a few months out of the year I move to FL and I take my computer with me.
My ISP in FL (Cybergate, mindspring not available) claims that they support the v.90 modems that I use.

Whenever I try to connect My connection hooks up at 36,000. However, my transfer rate is that of a 2400 baud modem.

I understand that the problem could be my phone lines. But before I go the two 56k modems I was using a USR Sportster 33.6 upgraded to 56k and was connecting at 48,000 baud.
Ever since I upgraded to the 56k I can't seem to connect at any decent rate. My only option has been to lock my port out at 19.2. That gives me a good 19.2 connection. But 19.2 is damn slow.

Is it me or is it them.
Shouild I just switch my ISP?

Or is there something simple I have looked over.


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Well this is prob. an ISP issue I am my own ISP and the farther I am from my server the weaker the connection. The phone lines sometimes play a part in this also. Before you trot off and change you ISP ask if there is a closer dial-up number to you or ask them how you can speed up your connectivity.