When a 56k modem just isn't a 56k modem anymore



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Ok here is my problem.
I currently dial into my ISP (mindspring) and connect at 50,666 with no problems what so ever. I have two modems
USR Sportster 56k
USR Voice 56k
For a few months out of the year I move to FL and I take my computer with me.
My ISP in FL (Cybergate, mindspring not available) claims that they support the v.90 modems that I use.

Whenever I try to connect My connection hooks up at 36,000. However, my transfer rate is that of a 2400 baud modem.

I understand that the problem could be my phone lines. But before I go the two 56k modems I was using a USR Sportster 33.6 upgraded to 56k and was connecting at 48,000 baud.
Ever since I upgraded to the 56k I can't seem to connect at any decent rate. My only option has been to lock my port out at 19.2. That gives me a good 19.2 connection. But 19.2 is damn slow.

Is it me or is it them.
Shouild I just switch my ISP?

Or is there something simple I have looked over.


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look & see if www.netzero.net has a local # where you are in florida. it is a free isp. good connections, too.

also check & make sure the protocols really match with the FL isp. may call it v90 but be a different version. k56 or x2 may hook up better. & if that does not help, try another FL isp.


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hambones on the money...

Do you have underground phone lines there in Fla? Here in S.Cal. it's just terrible. They are the last to be upgraded for trunk switch, if so, call the phone company and complain. Won't do much but at least they will know somebody's on em. If nobody files a complaint they could care less. For two years we maxed @ 24,600, got sick and tired of it, went with cable. Flamed the phone company mightily before the switch though. ;}

Good luck & happy surfin>

Kind regards> Kash


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What really sucks is that before I upgraded my 56k x2 modems to the v.90 ITTU complient stuff. I was connecting at 48,000 from the same phone line.

So I know the phone line can handel atleast that.

I think its time to find another ISP.
Cybergate has a crapy non digital server that all lines are routed through if you try to access anything out of FL state.

And yes my lines are under ground.
I had to pick the classy area to live in.

Thanks for the help