What's your home security camera?



Wanting to purchase some reliable camera for months but I haven't decided which to get yet. I'm considering Blink XT or Arlo Pro 2, both have amazing reviews online. Don't know yet which one is more worth the price. Of course Arlo Pro 2 is much much more expensive than Blink XT, but that price comes with added functionalities. I'm just not sure if those added functions are worth the hundreds of dollars added. Some reviews like this one: https://www.tech21century.com/blink-xt-vs-arlo-pro2/ don't actually say which one is better (which I understand because it depends on your budget and needs) but anyone here who tried both and can weigh in on my decision? Thanks!

(Also, not sure if there's a forum category for this, so pardon me if this is in the wrong topic)


My personnal experience with an technology is that the more option, the more trouble.
make a list of what it is you need, and buy the System that cover those point, not much more, no less.