What's your graphics card history?



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How bout a nostalgic thread...my history:

STB Velocity (2MB - no 3D)
Matrox m3d (4MB) (still using)
Diamond Monster 3DII (8MB) used with:
CL Graphics Blaster Extreme (4MB)
CL Banshee (16MB)
3dfx Velocity 100 (like a V3 2000 with 8MB)
Hercules Prophet II MX
Radeon LE (not being used)

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Well Ones that matter.

S3 Trio 2mb
S3 Virge 4mb
Diamond Voodoo Banshee 16mb
Diamond Viper 550 TNT 16mb
Diamond Viper 770 TNT-2 32mb
Gainward Gforce-2 MX 32mb

P3 933
512 mb
Intel D815epea MB
40gig WD 7200
12x DVD
8x4x32 cdrw
32mb GForce 2 MX Gainward
300w PS
17" Monitor
SMC, Linksys NICS
Win 2000 SP2


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Hercules Stingray 1MB ARK PV-1000 chipset
Matrox Mystique 220 4MB
Skywell Magic 3D Voodoo1 4MB
Orchid Righteus 3D II 12MB
Voodoo3 2000 PCI

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First was Hercules VGA ISA graphic card with 512K of RAM, I do not remember anything else about that card

my last is Voodoo 5 5500

In betveen was whole bunch of brand name and no name graphic cards.

My best all oround was my first cous that was my first graphic card capable for stunning 8 bit colour palet (256 colours),
that was more impresive then much later 3D adventures.


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1.. Diamond Stealth SE 1MB PCI
2.. Jetway S3 Virge 2MB (upgraded to 4MB) PCI
3.. Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix (Voodoo Banshee) 16MB PCI
4.. ELSA Gladiac MX (Geforce 2 MX) 32MB AGP

AMD K6-2 500MHz @ 500MHz
250W ATX Case
Pioneer 105s 16xDVD 40xCDROM
Mitsumi 4802TE CDRW
ELSA Gladiac MX 32Meg AGP
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 1024
Maxtor 13Gb 5400rpm DMA33 Hard Drive
Jetway 542b AT MoBo
Diamond Supra 56i Modem


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Diamond 2000 Pro / Pure3D 6MB Combo
Diamond V550 TNT 16MB
3DFX Voodoo 5 5500 64MB

Sorry....not much to look at, but they have all been great for their time!


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Well, that's my first computer and I have it only since 1999, so there's not going much in videocards:

-ATI 3D Charger 2MB PCI: Based on the Rage IIc chip, the 2D was average, but the video playback quality was stunning. It also faintly supported Direct3D: I could play WipeOut XL, Turok and RollCage at 320x240 medium or low detail at between 10 and 30 fps depending on games, but gaming was mostly done in software renderer due to the poor 3D performance and low memory. Still have it, but not used for now.

-3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP: My first "true" 3D accelerator card, I have it only since Christmas 2000 (better late than never
). 3D and 2D is obviously 10 times better than the 3D Charger, but MPEG-2 playback is slightly less impressive, but still very good. Still have it running in my lone machine...


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Cirrus Logic 1Mb

Matrox Millennium II +
Diamond Monster Voodoo

Matrox G200 +
the Monster Voodoo again

Annihilator Pro GeForce DDR

Hercules Prophet II GTS


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Just two.

1 VooDoo3 3000
2 VooDoo5 5500

I hope to move up to a GeForce2 Pro, Ultra or GeForce3 soon.

Abit KT7A-Raid MB
Windows ME
AMD 1.2 Athlon 266
Western Digital 20 Gig 7200 rpm 100 ATA
Golden Orb Fan
384 Mg PC133 Ram
Sound Blaster X-Gamer
Live 5.1
Voodoo 5 5500
H.P. 9350I CD Writer
Pioneer DVD-106s
US Robotics 56k Modem
KDS AV-195TF 19" Monitor
Soon to be running Raid


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Don't even know what my first one is...just some crappy ISA card I assume.

Onboard crappy SIS video
Ati RagePro
Diamond voodoo2 8mb
Another voodoo2 8mb for SLI
Ati Rage128
Creative TNT2ultra
Matrox G400
Evga Geforce2mx
Ati Radeon64DDR

Looks like I have the longest history lol

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ATI mach 64
CL Voodoo 2
Diamond V550? TNT
Hercules TNT2 ultra
CL Savage 4
Matrox G400
Voodoo 3 3000 (x2)
Voodoo 3 2000
CL GeForce SDR
Hercules Geforce DDR
CL GeForce 32mb GTS
Visiontek GeForce 32mb GTS
Visiontek GeForce 3

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not much here. definitly dont upgrade as much as some of you guys

matrox millieum II
diamond v770 ultra
asus v7100 pure

next up, gf3mx? radeon II?

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You guys keep these in your journal.

I can remember a #9, Diamond stealth 4 MB, ATI Rage Furry Pro, TNT ultra, GeForce SDR, DDR and current 5 ns Pro.

Guess I'm too old for this crap.



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SIS (dono the model, it was some 1mb card)
ATI rage II
ATI rage pro
V3 2000 pci
Geforce2 mx (current)

Going to be getting a GF3 when prices go down a bit

AMD TBird 1GHz @ 1.33GHz (133*10x)
Abit KT7A
Crucial 256MB PC133 Cas2
Hercules GeForce2 MX
SB Live! X-Gamer
WD 7200RPM 20GIG ATA-100
Maxtor 5400RPM 15GIG ATA-66


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Ho ho ho... Now I feel old. I've started with a genuine CGA card. (A whole 4 colours at the same time, in a whopping 320x200 resolution! Is that kewl, or what?)

Then I had an Oak VGA card, in ISA flavor. With a whole 256K of RAM. High res 640x480, in 16 colours. (Yes, that is 4 bit colour.) Then a Hercules monochrome card, with a genuine IBM monochrome display, in paralel with it. (Dual head at its finest

Then there were a few more upgrades, going through another Oak, this time able to display a whole 800x600, in 256 colour. Slower than a slow snail that's had "Slow" cast on it, though. Then an ISA Tseng ET-4000. (Not the W32, which was a generation later.)

Then a Cirrus Logic 1 MB card, on Vesa Local Bus. Now that was quick. Then a Number 9 VLB card, based on some S3 chipset. (As big a card as the V5500, if my memory doesn't fail me.) Still no 3D stuff, but it had dual ported RAM. That was some awesome speed, for that time.

Then a Matrox Mystique in PCI. (The OLD Mystique.) Then a Matrox G200. Then a G400. Then briefly an S3 Viper 2. Then the Voodoo 5500. Briefly tried a GeForce 256, didn't like it, went back to the Voodoo 5. And now it's a Kyro 2.

Well, I'm sure I've missed a few cards, in the old ISA days range, but wth... my memory isn't what it used to be

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Geez, Moraelin! There's nostalgic and then there's ancient history
. I didn't even have to know that stuff when I took the outdated A+ Certification exam!

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for my main PC;
A sis 256 KB "thing"
2mb EDO S3
4mb sgram Matrox Mystique 220
16mb Creative TNT
32mb SDRAM Elsa Erazor X

For all my other PC's;
almost all named above
16MB Winfast TNT 2 Vanta
and a lot of crappy things I cant remember from VLB to AGP slot....

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20 monochrome cards
svga 256kb
mach64(1mb)oh hèll yeah!!!
an 8mb ati(forget the name)
diamond monster 3dfx voodooII 8mb(best card ever for it's time)
Viper V770 Ultra 32mb(current)

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512K? Oak ISA card back in the day

ATI Wonder XL24, whoa! 24 bit color

#9 Vision 330

2meg S3 Virge

ATI all-in-wonder

voodoo3 2000 @ 194Mhz

VisionTek Geforce2 mx, cheapo with no heatsink

Radeon LE (looks and works great in my socket A system but I never could get it to work right in my son's socket 7, GA-5AX, system)

and a couple temporary cards


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hee hee, here goes...

1. Trident 1-meg ISA

2. STB Trio64

3. ATi MACH64 VESA - as big as my house.
4. Matrox Mystique 1
- still using it
5. Matrox Millenium 1
- still using it

7. nVidia Riva128
- still using it
8. Diamond Monster 3D (voodoo 1) - still using it
9. Matrox G200
10. AGP 3dfx banshee.
11. nVidia TNT2 - still using it
11. Voodoo 3500 - still using it
12. Elsa Gladiac2 MX - still using it

That's it till now

AMD Duron [email protected] (133MHz FSB)
Abit KT7a RAID
DiamondMax Plus 60 - 40Gb
Elsa GeForce2MX 32Mb SDR
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